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Stephanie's Stained Glass

 MY MISSION is to provide the BEST designs            and quality of work that I can and to give you         enthusiastic service and  knowledge of the        Stained Glass Arts and Crafts industry.

My journey began in 1979 with my first class in Stained Glass.  I knew right away that I couldn't do other peoples designs.  It seem like I didn't or couldn't get out of my own way.  Why was this line here or what was the artist thinking when they drew this pattern?  It was easier for me to just draw my own and so I did.  By now it is 1988 and I had been following a non traditional Stained glass artist by the name of Narcissus Quagliata and he was looking for apprentice so I applied and got in. What a great artist and mentor he was.  I began making my own one of a kind windows and continue to this day.  I love everything about Stained glass and all the different applications for it.  That is why I use all of them in my art. If you like my style of art  and would like an estimate please Call or text           702-274-7287  for an appointment  

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Due to problems with google my old address is showing so please call. By appointment only.  9:00am-5:30pm 



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member of: City Lights Co-op Gallery, Las Vegas Artist Guild, Left of Center Gallery and Clark County Artist Guild.






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